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We are a team of digital strategists, content writers, designers and developers passionate about growing your business.

david franco

Founder / CEO

Today, after more than 20 years in the industry, David's curiosity about digital technologies and strategic marketing is still going strong. As a results-driven strategist and leader, David ensures that the agency learns each client’s business intimately in order to produce a high-performing digital marketing strategy.

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David Barbella


An operational and efficiency expert, David has more than 23 years of experience directing agency environments. His determination to achieve continual improvement across people, process and systems; and the workflow binding them, is how David drives amazing results for clients. David’s hands-on leadership expertise is invaluable to our office operations.

bjorn seljevold


Bjorn V. Seljevold is currently the Managing Director of Norsk Helikopterservice - Stavanger, Norway. Mr. Seljevold will play a key role in the start-up of our Hexnet office in Oslo in 2017.

linda rastelli

Dir. of content marketing

Linda is an award-winning journalist, Columbia University grad, and adaptor of the textbook, Marketing: Essential techniques and strategies geared toward results (Wiley & Sons, 2007). Among her past roles: Public relations manager at Rutgers University, litigation paralegal, Institutional Investor financial editor.

hamza labrinssi

creative director

With more than a decade of conceptualizing, prototyping, crafting and developing digital experiences for major brands worldwide, Hamza is our user experience wizard who designs spectacular websites for our clients. He has done work for, among others: Apple, Pepsi, Sony, Microsoft, Huffington Post, BBDO Worldwide, Deloitte and Nokia.

Anis Vora

development director

Anis is a talented software engineer with more than 20 years experience building and managing the development of custom web applications. His wide-ranging development abilities have launched hundreds of successful websites and applications.

Jennifer Alamia

Inbound Marketing Designer

As an inbound marketing designer at Hexnet, Jennifer participates in strategy and content creation. Fluent in Italian, she studied art and design in Florence, Italy. From a young age, Jennifer loved art and majored in design and web development, specializing in typography and layout design. In the last decade, she has held positions of increasing responsibility in digital design.

Yassir Labrinssi

sr. developer

With an M.S. in computer science and a B.S. in database administration, Yassir does superior front-end development for Hexnet Digital. We don’t have the space to list all his technical skills here, but he has been working for more than a decade as a technical director, application director, front-end developer and project manager.

chris mosera

creative director, moving images

Chris is a director, executive producer and writer for Hexnet at our Denver location. Chris is the former creative director for advertising giants JWT, responsible for the $95MM Ford campaigns. For more than two decades he has applied his creative genius to film and video scripting, direction and production, including documentaries, music videos, new media, advertising and broadcast television.

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